We offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty. We don't think you will have any issues but if you do, we are here to help. When you first purchase your tent please make sure you take everything out of the bags and the tent. Verify that all the required parts are there. We also recommend that you check all the tent hardware along the base to make sure the bolts are tight...and then you are ready to roll. When attaching your roof rails and your ladder don't over-tighten. We supply nylon locking nuts so just get er' snug and she'll be fine.

If something is missing or damaged you can email us at info@overlandrec.com and we'll walk you through your issue. If something goes wrong within the 1st year of purchase we'll replace or repair any parts deemed to be manufacturer defect. 

"I'm a consumer just like you. I've been buying things in-store and online for way too long and I know how frustrating and shitty it is dealing with poor customer service. I promise I'll address your problems as quickly as possible and I'll do everything I can to come up with options to fix any issues."

– Mike Prangnell, Owner