Do your tents come with roof racks? Do you sell roof racks?

"No" is the answer to both those questions. Our tents come with rails and mounting brackets that can fit pretty much any roof cross bars (side to side). you'll need to do your research and figure out what racks are best for you. Round, square, oval...our brackets will fit them all.

Will your tents fit on my car?

Without even knowing what kind of car you drive the answer is "yes". Our tents will fit on any car, truck, SUV, van etc that has cross bars that can hold the weight.

What is the best camping drink?

The one in your hand when you are camping.

Do you sell and ship to the USA?

Yes we sell to the USA and we can ship to the USA. Please email directly or refer to our "shipping" page for details. Also FYI, our prices are all in Canadian dollars and we are located in Near Vancouver BC.