Do your tents come with roof racks? Do you sell roof racks?

'No' is the answer to both of those questions. Our tents come with rails and mounting brackets that can fit pretty much any roof cross bars (side to side). You'll need to do your research and figure out what racks are best for you. Round, square, oval...our brackets will fit them all.

Will your tents fit on my car?

Without even knowing what kind of car you drive the answer is 'yes'. Our tents will fit on any car, truck, SUV, van that has cross bars that can hold the weight. It will not fit on your bicycle, although one person did modify to accommodate the roof of his boat. 

What is the best camping drink?

The one in your hand when you are camping.

Do you sell and ship to the USA?

Yes we sell to the USA and we can ship to the USA. Please email directly or refer to our 'shipping' page for details. Also FYI, our prices are all in Canadian dollars and we are located near Vancouver, BC.

What are your tents made out of and why?

Well first off, I'd like to direct you to the product pages as there is a lot of information available including tent materials and construction. Now to answer your question, we use a poly material for the tent body and fly and here's why...poly material is lightweight, it dries quickly, it's durable, it's less conducive to mold & mildew and it helps lower the cost of our tents.

Do your tents work well in the rain?

Yes, our tents work great in the rain. They've been used in all sorts of crappy west coast conditions and come out shining but don't take my word for it. I invite you to visit our product pages and read customer reviews.

Will your tents save me from bears and keep my family safe?

When I bought my first roof top tent I used this reasoning to convince my wife, it worked and she loved it. I can't say that this will save you from bears or cougars or giraffes but I can tell you it definitely feels much safer being up high in an Overland Rec tent.

How do you ship your products?

Shipping a big ass tent can be challenging. We can't use conventional methods like UPS or Canada Post. We use a freight company called Day & Ross. Tents are shipping to the depot in your town and held for pick up. If you live out in the middle of nowhere this may mean that your tent is held at the nearest depot which could be a longer drive. Generally shipments arrive within 7 days to most locations across Canada. for any smaller items such as mats and annex rooms we generally use Purolator or Canada Post. And you are totally welcome to come pick up at my warehouse in Richmond as well.