It's been a crazy year and with the craziness comes slow production and shipping times. I'm trying my best to keep up with demand but things are selling quickly. I strongly suggest you sign up for my emailer at the bottom of the home page...or any page. I'll keep you updated on new shipments coming and also when the pre-purchase opens up on my website.

The next shipment of tents is scheduled to arrive early June. This shipment has been completely pre-purchased and there are no units left. On top of that I have a fairly large wait list. The next shipment is slated for late July or possibly early Aug. The pre-purchase for this will open up around the middle of May. Feel free to reach out anytime with questions and check back for updates. Thanks to all my customers and future customers for giving me a chance to help your camping experience.

— Mike Prangnell, info@overlandrec.com